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Scandinavian Studies Association's mission is to encourage the continued study of Scandinavian culture and strive to maintain and enhance the identity of Scandinavian-Canadians. 

About Scandinavian Studies Association

The Scandinavian Studies Association (SSA) is a registered non-profit society with a close-working relationship with the University of Alberta; specifically, Scandinavian Studies within the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.


Our goal is to raise the profile of the Association and Scandinavian Studies by means of donations through volunteer-staffed casinos, private donations and guest speaker events.

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Established Funds

Scandinavian Studies Fund (SSF) providing scholarships and other support for Scandinavian studies students at the University of Alberta, particularly students pursuing second-level language studies. In cooperation with Torskeklubben of Edmonton, up to eight $1,000 scholarships are awarded annually to students enrolled in advanced Scandinavian language courses.

Scandinavian Professorship Endowment Fund (SPEF) providing financial support to attract and retain Scandinavian Studies faculty at the University of Alberta.

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Studying at the University of Alberta

A student in Scandinavian Studies gets a broad overview of Scandinavian language, literature, and culture from the Viking Age to the present day. The University of Alberta has the only BA-granting program in Canada, and one of the few in North America. They offer a variety of courses on interesting topics, from Norse mythology to the Scandinavian crime novel. Studying Scandinavian doesn't prepare you for a single career, but rather gives you the communication and critical thinking skills valued by any employer; as well as a unique global perspective and a demonstrated openness to other cultures and world views. These courses aim to provide students with a thorough knowledge of the language, the culture and literature of the Scandinavian countries in the context of a liberal arts education.

 “Scandinavian Studies are thriving at the University of Alberta thanks to the incredible and long-standing support of the Scandinavian Studies Association."

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